Category: Rafting with Small Children

Looks like we will not be dealing with covid-19 in 2023.

The best way to start your paddling experience is to make sure after checking in you wash your hands after handling doors, etc. If you are still worried I would suggest make sure you are paddling with your group only – Meaning your family will be the only ones in the raft, or if you are paddling a single craft you are not too close to others. We think you should always use common sense and do what you feel is the best for your family. Paddle safe, have fun.

Check what rafting is available in your area

Check to see what the river classification is rated    Easy 1 to 6 Death Defying

Make sure the river classification is right for your family

Decide if you are willing to except the risk of paddling that river classification

Ask what River you would be paddling

Check that River Name for Local Outfitters

Check to see how long is the drive to the river

Check how long the transport time is, who wants to be spending hours in a bus.

Check to see how long you would be in the water rafting

Check to see if your rafting outfitter has CPR/First Aid certifications

Check to see if each raft has a trained guide or will you be guiding yourself

Check to see if they have good reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp etc.

Check to see if they have had any problems BBB or Reviews

Check to see what the price per Adult & Child 12 and under are

Check to see if any additional fee’s and taxes apply to the cost

Check to see if they have anything special about them vs other outfitters

Check to see if the Outfitter provides water, snacks, or lunch on the trip

Check to see if the Outfitter provides pictures, or camera (Free or Paid) to customers

Decide for yourself what is best for your family