Guided Funyak Trips on Watauga River

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guided funyak trip
RIver Kayaking | River Rafting Challenge | Rafting in Bristol TN
Teresa and friends
guided funyak watauga river

Guided Funyak Trips are easy and fun.  A funyak is an inflatable kayak much more stable to paddle than a hard shell kayak.  Try something new for all ages it's easy and lots of fun we offer singles and doubles to accommodate your needs and skills.

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We Have  A River Funyak Trip Just For You

Guided River Funyak Adventure III

This fully Guided Funyak Adventure is on high water you will experience faster moving deeper water exploring places on the river you can't paddle to on low water.  Watauga River is a class I & II+ whitewater river making it great for families looking for a safer option for river paddling. Some rapids wash out and others intensify, No Experience is Necessary your guide will help you along the way if you are the least bit apprehensive.  Beginners and experienced paddlers alike can enjoy this trip as many unexpected treats await you on this adventure.  

Guided Soar Rafting Adventure

This is for two or three people depending upon size, the guide is in the boat with you guiding you thru the best rapids on the river.  You will sit low in the water and close to the action full of excitement this is a real adventure.   The guide will maneuver over rocks, ledges, class I & II rapids, and swirling eddies you will experience all that the river offers.  You can surf, ferry from one side to another, hit the big one, and learn new skills.  Beautiful scenery, wildlife, and adventure await.  (This is One of a kind trip.)

We Have A GUIDED River Fun-Yak Adventure For You


Guided River Funyak Adv. III


$79.00/ Person NO Experience REQUIRED


High Water/ Low Water

4 or 6 miles on the River



2.0 -2.5  Hours on the Water 

Section 1, 2, 3 or 2,3

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Guided SOAR Rafting Adv.


$89.00/ Person


High Water

6 miles on the River



2.0 - 2.5  Hours on the Water 

Section  1, 2, 3

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couple hit the hole
paddling in a Soar
soar river rafting
jack in an inflatable canoe

Guided Soar Rafting Adventure is unlike no other, you will be sitting down in the boat very close to the excitement.

A guide is also in the same boat as you!  

 When you hit a wave we are surely getting soaked! 

If you like excitement this is the adventure for you. 

This trip is for two or three with a guide in the back making it easier to hit the best spots.  


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Watauga Kayak Elizabethton, TN
emma and grace funyaking
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Me and the gang
cabin rapids
RIver Kayaking | River Rafting Challenge | Rafting in Bristol TN