Let's Create a Special Watauga Kayak Event

Birthday Party

Let's have a River Birthday Party,  bring the kids and let them have a blast rafting, or kayaking then we will have cake and treats at our riverside deck.  We can make any group activity possible.

Church Outing

Church Class, Choir, Men's Group, Women's Group relax and let us take you on an adventure, or if you just want to cook out and relax at our riverside deck we can arrange any size group activity.

Family Get-A-Way

Would you like to escape for a few hours from your everyday life, come visit Watauga Kayak for an adventure you will not forget?  We can guide you on one of our many adventures.  Just let us know your wishes and we will try to make it happen.  Come play on the water with us.

Friends Get-Together

If you would like to hang out with friends and just chill on the river admiring the beautiful scenery or have a little bit more splash we have a trip for you.  This is great to catch up with friends and pass by a great summer evening on the water.


Child's Field Trip

This is a great way to explore the river for children being homeschooled or children concerned about the environment.  They can explore what's growing under the water, on the banks, and what's growing around the water.  Different rocks, plants, and animals that have activity around and near water are things we will watch for.

Class Reunion

This is a great way to enjoy any class reunion group activity, we can raft, kayak, or even tube at Watauga Kayak.  An adventure and a great time to enjoy each other and discover what's been going on since school.   After our outing enjoy a cookout at our riverside deck, and a fire to roast marshmallows what better time to enjoy those school years?

Youth Group

We love Youth Groups, Watauga Kayak is pleased to announce we have a trip that's right for your church.  If you would like to do a bible study on the water in the evening and paddle to a secluded spot we've done that.  If you would like to have a celebration baptizing in the river we've done that too.  From Guided Extreme Tube Adventures, Rafting Adventures, and River Kayaking we have a trip for you.