Start The Year Off For Paddling

It’s about that time of year when we all want to raft, kayak, canoe, tube, paddle board, etc., Make sure you are ready by getting you and your gear ready.   You always want your gear to be in top shape. Gather all your gear and check to make sure it is in good shape, clean, and ready for your activity.  I like to wash my gear in a mixture of 1 part dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 part oxy-clean, and 4 parts white vinegar, in a tub of clean water, and Then rinse several times in clean water and then dip in a tub of 303 mixed with water or spray with 303.

I never leave river or lake water on my gear when I finish a trip- always rinse with clean water or a mixture and hang it in a shady place to dry. KEEP YOUR GEAR OUT OF THE SUN!
If you need repairs on your gear, make them immediately because once the warm days hit you will want to be on the water.

Get yourself ready, make sure you are in shape to paddle start with short non challenging trips to get your groove on, stretch your body and limber up. Just remember you don’t have to be a skinny mini to play.   Once you get your groove on then you are ready for the time of your life.   Paddle with a partner is always the best and safest way on any waterway.  Always tell someone where you are going so if something happens they will call someone to look for you.

Play safe, Have fun, hope to see you on the river or lake.